How to help someone who has gone through a recent loss?

Life is series of ups and downs. To completely appreciate joy and happiness, it’s vital that their opposites exist; and that we experience them. This is something most of us know in our hearts. Unfortunately, when we face losses; especially those losses that affect us emotionally, we tend to forget this. If someone you love is dealing with a recent loss, and you want to help them feel better, then here’s what our experts think you can do.

  • Talk to them – all words hold a certain power. This is something all of us know. Even if it doesn’t really feel so, sometimes, simply talking to them and giving them an outlet to pour out their thoughts and feelings can help them more than you think. There are instances where talking to friends and family can be even more helpful than talking to a grief counsellor. So, encourage them to open up to you.
  • Be there for them – there are those who carry their feelings on their sleeves, and there are those who bottle everything up; no matter how hard a trial they have to face. If they are not willing to talk to you, despite you encouraging them, then don’t force them. Simply be there for them.
  • Take them away from the problem – sometimes, depending on the nature of their problem or their loss, it will be hard for them to bring their life back to normal. This is especially true if the place they live in or work at is related to their loss. For someone like this, going away briefly can be helpful. Look into places like health retreats Sydney, where visitors are compelled to disconnect from the world and their worries.
  • Distract them from their worries – holidays away from your emotions are not possible for everyone. But don’t despair; even if you can’t whisk them off and away from their problems and sadness, you can still try to keep them distracted from it. Keep them busy and occupied; as much as you can. Having something to do rather than dwelling on the loss can help the recovery too.
  • Realizing the importance of a hug – human beings, in general, are tactile creatures. And a hug is the most basic, heartfelt and easiest way to share your love with anyone. Most people tend to push away those around them after a loss; it’s something the heart does to protect itself from further pain. Don’t let them push you away; both literally and figuratively. Be free with your hugs; truly there’s no better mood booster than a hug from a loved one…


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