Placenta Masks and Green Hair

The popular demand about the way a person should look tends to sound ridiculous some times. Images of celebrities with perfect body, skin and hair are constantly seen on billboards, magazine covers and social media platforms. The need to look perfect and be beautiful not only affects us; but celebrities as well.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Never has this been truer in society. With social media playing a big role in the structuring of this society, each style icon has millions of followers out of which a substantial amount of people feel that the beauty of certain personalities are fake and unnatural. It is difficult then to draw a line differentiating what true beauty is and what isn’t.  This applies to everyday people as well. You will always find someone who will criticize something of yours if they feel it is not right and not ‘up to’ a standard.

Pay Attention to Yourself

Taking all of this into consideration, you should still make the effort to pay attention to the way you present yourself. Life is full of unexpected occurrences and you need to be ready for each one of them. There are no stringent rules about what a person should wear, about what a person’s hair type should be like or the beauty regime that they have to maintain. Remember that you as an individual have the ability and right to choose what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. You might not want to wear a placenta facial mask or dye your hair green but you can instead invest in some hair equipment, sprays and creams that would make your hair healthy and beautiful. The same applies to beauty routines.  Just because contouring is a popular trend it does not mean that you have to religiously contour your face every day. Rather you can use that make up technique of contouring for a special event, or never at all. It just depends on what you are comfortable with.

Be True to Yourself

In the same way that there is a pressure to fit in with dominant beauty and hair trends, there is an equal amount of pressure to defy the trends. But if all you want to do is colour your hair green you should have the liberty of doing so. Keep your options open. Save images of hair styles and colours and of different beauty and makeup regimes so that you will always be up to date on trends, and make the right decision based on what you want to try out.

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