Planning an Outdoor Wedding – Three Things You Should Definitely Spend on

Planning a wedding is one of the most beautiful things in a person’s life. Even if it is fraught with stress. Most couples look at that period between the engagement and the wedding and think of it as the most magical time of their relationship. This is because, no matter how stressful it is, planning a wedding always has its high moments. An outdoor wedding is all the more beautiful and at the same time requires more planning. There are many additional aspects to think about such as the weather, seating and many more. As there are more things to consider, the cost too is high and you may find yourself wondering whether you should really spend on all these aspects of your outdoor wedding. The thing is you don’t have to. Here are three things that you should definitely spend on, and not compromise on quality over cost.

Your appearance

How you look on your wedding day is going to be scrutinized by many people and is going to be captured on pictures and videos for a lifetime. It is therefore, important that you look your best during your wedding. An outdoor wedding is subjected to the elements on nature. This is something that you should factor in when choosing your stylist and cosmetic products. Products that don’t do great outdoors should be eliminated and a stylist who cannot do a durable makeover should not be hired. It is best to think of mobile wedding makeup Melbourne so that you can get touch up right throughout the wedding. This may cost you a bit more than a normal stylist, but it will ensure that you will look fresh all through the wedding.


Just like you spent good money on mobile wedding makeup Melbourne, shelter is something that you should not compromise on. An outdoor wedding is subjected to the whims of nature. It can, in fact, rain during the middle of the summer. Or the sun maybe too hot in that particular afternoon. In such situations, you simply cannot be expected to wait it out. You should definitely have you back up plans. So hunt up a good marquee company and make sure that you put one up so that you and your guests can take shelter under it.


Decorations make an outdoor wedding into a fairy tale. Invest in a little more flowers, bows and shimmery white fabric and you will have a very fairy tale like experience. Spending a little more on decorations will give you beautiful photographs and memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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