The 21st Century Lifestyle

The 21st century inarguably has one of the busiest lifestyles to date. Paired with the social lifestyles and ethics that need to be adhered to, there is no doubt that modern man has to spend extra time and energy to not only to follow this fast paced lifestyle but to live in it.

Work Hard, Play Hard

A phrase that is now used in almost every context, ‘work hard play hard’ is an utterance that represents the way in which one should lead their life. Working hard is indicative of the time end effort that you put in not only in a business environment but in a school and university setting as well. Playing hard represents the social aspect of life in which one should be able to enjoy themselves over the weekend, but be in a fit state of mind to get back to work the following week.

Many Trends

Trends have become a common place occurrence in recent times. Everything is a trend. Sometimes, even the most absurd thing becomes a trend. And a trend tends to get a lot of attention and importance. Therefore most of us try to follow these trends.  For example, if a celebrity states that they drink a particular mixture of protein powder, fruits and syrup that help maintain their beauty of their skin everybody would attempt to recreate that particular drink. This applies to almost anything. Eating cupcakes was a trend in 2012, but in 2015 decorating cupcakes was more of trend than eating or having cupcakes at a social event.

Selfie time? Always

Another trend that is sweeping this century is selfies. Everywhere you go, you will see people taking selfies of themselves. Many reports and blogs state that the younger generation are inherently self-obsessed and do not take the time to appreciate things around them. While that in some extent may be true, it is an important aspect of lifestyle today. So much so that it becomes awkward or unusual if someone doesn’t post a selfie on any social media site. This puts a large amount of pressure on people to be perfect. People are now not only concerned about the angle in which the picture is taken but even how light affects the quality of the photograph. This creates a ripple effect that affects the way people look at themselves.

Be Strong

The media has a powerful influence on each and every individual. The media can manipulate, twist and turn your way of thinking without you realizing it. Therefore it is up to you as a person to be strong and not to blindly follow trends of beauty and food, if it doesn’t make you happy. You should also be strong enough to follow certain trends which to others may seem stupid. Want to eat gluten free for a week? Go right ahead!

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