Unique menu offerings at bay side restaurants

Are you tired of high priced menu options in city restaurants? Whether you are in Melbourne or any city in Australia, the prices at any exclusive eatery tends to be sky high. At the same time, fresh ingredients are usually sourced from imported destinations, making them even pricier. For that reason, exploring seafood items in a city restaurant often runs up a high bill that people tend to avoid. And these are the kind of items that you can have fresh at a bay side restaurant for half a price.

Nearby coastal destinations

While it might not be feasible for every city dweller to find a coastal holiday destination that is a few miles away from town, those who are in Melbourne will find several such destinations close by. The port area of Geelong which is the second largest city in the area makes it a unique place for several eateries to offer sea food based cuisine. Hence, if you love seafood but find them at astronomical prices in cities like Melbourne, driving a couple of miles away or heading to Geelong itself will open up several ideal choices as well as a function venue in Geelong.

More than just eateries

There are function venue Geelong options that work more than mere eateries for your favorite food. For that reason, many restaurants offer private bookings for small and large parties as well. If you are here to celebrate a special occasion, make the most of these arrangements. Most of the Geelong restaurants have their own websites or portals. You could easily opt for an online booking through such sites. Once you confirm a booking all you need to do is invite your guests and plan your drive to your booked destination. Hence, a simple meal plan can even turn into something elaborate. If you are getting engaged, have a birthday coming up or planning your wedding, you could easily explore such places to be the destination for your special occasion. With reasonable rates for booking and delectable items on the menu, you can have all your favorite food items and more at rates which leave your budget for something more as well.

Coastal cuisine that is prepared well and with fresh, local ingredients are nutritious as well as wonderful when prepared in different ways. Hence, many places offer experimental recipes on their menu which you will also discover when you come to bay side destinations around Geelong. Even if you drop by without a booking you are sure to find an eatery that can accommodate you unlike restaurants at bustling cities.


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